Sunday, August 30, 2009


We have a birthday party for our cousins kids tonight. Here is the card I made for their 16 (I think :) ) year old boy.

The money holder was made by adhering a strip of blue cs to the inside of the card. I then put a strip of poke-a-dot paper over it and added a staple to two opposite corners. The pictures below are the card and gift I made for their three year daughter. I had this baby paper in my wrapping stash. I don't use it because it has a defect going through the middle of the paper throughout the entire roll. Instead of recycling I opted to reuse it. I flipped it over and stamped the happy birthday image all over it using colorbox chalk rouge.

Then I decided to use the card I made as part of the packaging rather than sticking it in an envelope.

What do you think? I challenge you to find something to reuse before having it going into your recycling bin. I'd love to see what you create...share it in the comments section. Thanks for looking.

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