Monday, July 27, 2009

Wild Water West

Saturday night we went to Wild Water West. Mark's company was having a family outing there. The boys had a fantastic time. We couldn't keep Tanner out of the water and we couldn't get Gaven to go in the water, go figure ;). We started out over by this pirate play area.

Tanner just jumped right in. Gaven on the other hand stood by daddy and just watched.

The bucket up top fills with water and then tips and dumps out all over. Guess who was standing under it...

yup, that's Mark and Gaven. Gaven didn't think too much of that!

After here it was on to the wave pool. Tanner loved it. He sat in the waves, letting them smash up against his body and face. Gaven didn't want anything to do with the wave pool :(

Next we went over to the lazy river.
Now we are off to the water slides! Tanner hasn't hit that 48" mark yet so he couldn't go down them by himself. He did have a blast going down them with daddy though!

Gaven went down too, but I didn't have very good close ups. Here is Gaven dipping his feet on the side of another pool while Tanner and Mark swam.

And of course, a picture of big brother leading little brother and little brother happily following him!

That's it for now. We are off to swimming lessons. Hopefully I will have time to share a few pics from the airshow that we watched on Sunday. Have a great Monday!

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